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10 Reasons Why It’s Better To Love a Chubby Guy

Who wouldn’t want to date a guy who is as sexy as David Beckham, right? Anybody would. However, reality is, there is only one David Beckham and there are only

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STUDY: Loneliness may lead to early death

WASHINGTON, USA. Are you always lonely? A recent study says loneliness may cause an early death. According to Inquirer, a study published by the Proceeding of the National Academy of

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STUDY: We only need six of hours of sleep a night

While it has been a longstanding, widely-held belief that we should get eight hours of sleep, scientists recently revealed that six or seven hours is the natural amount after analyzing

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Experts say optimists are chronically late in meetings and credit card payments

Are you always late or know someone who is? Well, an expert conducted a research and learned that optimists are chronically late in almost everything, even in credit card payments. According to Diana

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Dilemmas of the Year 2015’s Fresh Graduates

First things first, I would like to extend my greetings to this year’s graduates. To be more specific, congratulations to our new college graduates! Have you ever wondered where will

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MRI shows what happens when you crack your knuckles

Ever wonder what happens when you crack your knuckles? For the first time, a team of researchers from University of Alberta have captured the knuckle-cracking action using an MRI machine.