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10 Bad habits that make you age fast

Who doesn’t want to look and feel young? While many people invest tons of money in anti-ageing products and surgeries to take away years from their face, many are not

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Shocking graphics reveal the harrowing effects of smoking on your body

Smoking takes 6 million lives annually worldwide. Of this number, five million are direct smokers while the remainder die from secondhand smoke. Considered as the largest preventable cause of death,

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STUDY: Parents who smoke can lead to children living in poverty

Everybody knows how dangerous smoking is to one’s health. Even secondhand smoke can be fatal. However, smoking does not only take a toll on one’s well-being, it can also put your

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Obesity will cause more cancers than smoking in 10 years

Academic studies from Harvard University have shown that obesity will take over smoking as the biggest cause of cancer in the next decade. Obesity has been linked to the most common types

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Quitting smoking gradually supported by Neuroscience Researchers

Smoking is basically a habit that is very harmful to our body.  It is medically and scientifically correlated to lung cancer, respiratory diseases, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases.  But as

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PHL Common Prohibited Deeds Yet Still Ruled

Government set taboos for the country. Certain laws are observed yet the dirty work and funny businesses are on going. Illegal deeds as we considered yet done quietly. Often, the

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This Maybe Could Have Been the Best Anti-Smoking Ad Ever Created!

How would adults react when a child asks them to light their cigarette? We’re about to see. This anti-smoking ad created by Thai Health Promotion Foundation displayed how adult smokers would react