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How long do couples have to wait before they start doing “it”?

While sex is a very important aspect of romantic relationships, its timing can highly affect the success of the relationship. Some wait a few dates, others try to resist the

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We Found the Guy from the Fail Proposal Video, Give Him a Hug!

This video of a foreign guy proposing to a Filipina on a stage of a bar broke the internet as he was rejected in front of an audience. Despite the

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Being in a stable marriage improves stroke survival by 70%

It is alarming to know that  25% of stroke sufferers die within a year, while half of them have to live with a lasting disability like speech problems, paralysis and

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10 Reasons Why It’s Better To Love a Chubby Guy

Who wouldn’t want to date a guy who is as sexy as David Beckham, right? Anybody would. However, reality is, there is only one David Beckham and there are only

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Want to live longer? Marry an intelligent woman

Marrying a smart partner not only makes your life a lot easier, it can also make you live longer. After studying the health of identical twins, scientists believe that having

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Study says single people are happier and richer than married people

There may be more to “single blessedness” than people once thought. A psychologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara thinks so. Single people, according to Bella DePaulo, Phd., are

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Study says being happy in a relationship can make you gain weight

You can blame it on date nights and food trips, but science backs the idea that couples in happy and healthy relationships experience weight gain. “Marital Satisfaction Predicts Weight Gain

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VIRAL: How this long-distance-relationship couple keeps in touch will warm your heart

MANILA, Philippines. Writer Cathy Sanchez Babao’s Facebook post about a guy she saw dining at a fast food restaurant has touched the hearts of netizens. With over 25,000 shares and

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STUDY: People anxious about their relationships post on Facebook more often

Seen one too many cheesy posts about their significant other from someone on Facebook? A recent study suggests that it may be a sign of anxiety about his/her relationship. Based on

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STUDY: Having a tall husband keeps wives happy

Ladies, if you want a happy marriage, better choose a tall husband. While having common interests, a sense of humor, and an active sex life contributes to satisfaction in marriage,