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Chinese passenger tries to commit suicide in mid-flight

Last December 28, a routine domestic flight in China was disrupted when one of the passengers tried to kill himself inside the airplane’s lavatory. The XiamenAir flight had taken off

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Burglary suspect evades cops, but gets eaten by gator

When you’re in Florida, a place known for its alligators, it’s probably best not to hide in a body of water. 22-year-old Matthew Riggins was running from policemen and dogs

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Man accidentally sends a Snapchat of his penis to all his contacts

A Snapchat sex session turned into a nightmare when a guy accidentally posted a photo of his manhood publicly on his social media. eBaum’s World shared screenshots of a man sharing his

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Couple too fat to have sex gets surgery to have a baby

China. Lin Yue and his wife Deng Yang have been married since 2010 but haven’t been able to consummate their marriage because they are both overweight. The couple, both 30, reportedly

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Grieving mom gets surprising reply after texting dead son’s phone

Twenty-one-year-old cadet Taylor Thyfault was training to become a Colorado State Trooper when a driver killed him during a police chase. Wanting to ease the pain of losing her beloved son, Carole Adler

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WATCH: Doctors pull knife out of man’s eye while he’s awake

A video that has gone viral is giving viewers a stomach-churning experience because of its very graphic content. In the footage, doctors and medical staff surround a wounded man with a large knife

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WATCH: Two employees swear at man only to find out he’s their boss

“It’s none of your f***ing business.” These were the last words of two Chinese factory workers before they were fired on-the-spot by billionaire Terry Gou, the founder and chairman of electronics giant,

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Pet hoarder eaten by own dogs after her death

In August, a 65-year-old woman from Van Buren County, Arkansas, was found dead in her own home. Authorities also believed that her remains were partially eaten by the dogs she

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Transgender man’s bloated belly turns out to be baby bump

Transgender Kayden Coleman was shocked upon learning that his growing tummy was not because of lack of exercise but because he was pregnant. And this happened almost ten years after

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Rare and bizarre blue sea creature spotted on a beach

Australia. Lucinda Fry saw something wriggling in the sand which was washed up on the shore at Broadbent beach. She then took her camera to film it and discovered that the creature was