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Dad confiscates daughter’s phone, is accused of stealing it

When Texas native Ronald Jackson found a text message, which he deemed inappropriate, on his teenaged daughter’s mobile phone, he had no qualms about confiscating the girl’s phone immediately. A

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Teen fakes own abduction to be with a man she just met

Malaysia. In December 2015, the story of a missing young girl from Port Klang circulated on social media. However, police later discovered that the 14-year-old victim had staged her own kidnapping

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2.5-kilogram parasite with hair and teeth found inside teenager’s stomach

INDIA. 18-year-old Narendra Kumar from Allahabad had been struggling with chronic stomach pains and unexplained weight loss since he was young. His family did not have any idea what was causing his illness,

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WATCH: TV reporter hilariously mispronounces Phuket

An international television reporter became an instant internet sensation, not because of the news she was reporting, but because she hilariously mispronounced the name of a famous island in Thailand.

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WATCH: Fish attaches itself to a woman’s leg

Brazil. A group of young girls who were on Copacabana beach to welcome the New Year got an unpleasant surprise instead. As part of the traditional celebration to earn some

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Putin builds cyborg rat army to fight ISIS

Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing something unusual yet deadly for his opponents, particularly the infamous Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror group. News reports reveal Russia is working

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WATCH: A ‘devil tree’ that burns only on the inside

A video showing a creepy-looking tree burning only on the inside has been giving netizens the chills. According to a report on Mirror, two hikers were walking in Defiance, Ohio in December

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Couple reunited with daughter 17 years after she went missing

China. Last December 27, 2015, an elderly couple’s prayers were answered when they finally get to be with their long lost daughter again. It was reported that 19-year-old Tang Shuzhuo went missing when

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Woman too preoccupied with phone falls and drowns in river

A 28-year-old migrant worker and mother of two was walking down a road in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China on the evening of December 29 when she suddenly slipped and fell into

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CAUGHT ON CAM: Prisoner tries to escape jail through the toilet

He thought escaping from jail would be easy just like in the movies, but it didn’t work out the way he planned. A man who was spending time in a Brazilian jail attempted