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Dying Little Princess Surrenders Crown After Her Birthday Ball, And Everyone is in Tears

What could be a better way to celebrate a dying little girl’s life than an actual Princess Ball for what could be her last birthday. Lila May Schow is a sweet little

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7 Churches in Manila That Will Complete Your Ultimate #VisitaIglesiaGoals

The Lenten Season Is Fast Approaching! As part of the Lenten tradition in the Philippines, Visita Iglesia is one of the most anticipated events of the Roman Catholic Church’s Holy Week. Part

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Family of a Murder Victim Expressed their Dismay after a Local Network Failed to Add Censorship to the Victim’s Photos before Posting Them

Usually, whenever a heinous crime is present on the local news, networks make it a point to edit the actual pictures of the victim through the use of a blurring

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Mummified remains of a man found aboard ‘ghost ship’

The mummified remains of a man later identified as German adventurer Manfred Fritz Bajorat were found aboard a boat which was said to have been drifting for some time out

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It’s not your fault when you drop that stuffed toy in claw machines

Oh my God. Mom has always been right all this time! Never ever waste my lunch money on this claw machines in the games arcade near school. By the way,

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13 things Akyat-Bahay Gangs don’t want you to know

Akyat-bahay gangs are sneaky. They are opportunists. One careless move from your end, these scumbags will be inside your house in no time and looting all your valuables. We found

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How to deal with a backstabber

Backstabbers. These are people who act as your friends, pretend to care about you, lead you to believe you are the best of friends, but then silently plot your immediate downfall. Try to ask

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What ‘vigilantes’ did to a car parked in a disabled slot is crazy

There are so many bad drivers these days, people who feel like they are entitled to park anywhere they want even if it means blocking the pathway or ramps for

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Netizen posts story about encounter with a 13-year-old pedicab driver

While on his way home from Cash N Carry Mall in Makati, Metro Manila, netizen Glenmarc ‘Flash’ Antonio boarded a pedicab, noticing that the driver was just a kid. He