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WATCH: Snake gets studded with spines after attempting to eat porcupine

Admit it or not, we all have that one biggest regret in life. Take for instance this wild boa constrictor who was pierced with dozens of spikes after trying to

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Rude Female Passenger of Lashes Out Uber Driver and Defended Her Ill-mannered Self

Uber is a car transportation company which allows passengers to hail a cab wherever they may be. One of the features they offer is the Uberpool, which is derived from

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VIDEO: Man caught taking video of a woman when he forgets to turn off the flash

MANILA, Philippines. When netizen Merose Schwarzenneger caught a fellow passenger secretly taking a video of her inside a public utility vehicle (PUV), she decided to give him a dose of

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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Thief pretends to solicit funds from vet clinic; makes off with iPhone

Last February 23, a man claiming to be soliciting funds for an inter-barangay basketball tournament visited a veterinary clinic along C5 Road in Libis. But when no one was paying

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Man dies while still “attached” to a prostitute

An elderly man apparently went on a “journey to heaven” while making love to a sex worker. Some footage showing a man being wheeled away on a stretcher with a

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VIDEO: Boy drowns after being urged by playmates to jump into Pasig river

MANILA, Philippines. A video showing the drowning of a 12-year-old boy in the Pasig river is making the rounds online. The incident occurred on Thursday, February 18 at around 5 pm

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WATCH: Gay men touch vagina for the first time…

Almost all of still single straight guys out there probably have seen a vagina and at least touch them for the lucky ones. However, there are men out there who

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Iranian woman based in New York is a professional penis photographer

Photography is a multi-million dollar industry. There are professional photographers who specialize in different subjects like food, weddings, fashion, and almost anything that a camera can capture. However, there is one

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WATCH: This video commercial will move dog-lovers to tears

“Life creates dreams… dreams create life.” Have a box of tissues ready before watching this incredible advertisement from Krung Thai Bank. The almost 6-minute-video commercial warmed the hearts of thousands since

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VIDEO: Seaman proposes to girlfriend in the middle of Hinugyaw Festival in Koronadal

Men nowadays spend time, money, and effort to stage grand marriage proposals. Rather than just having a traditional and modest wedding proposal, men take months of planning so that their