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PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Filipino Netizens share Typhoon Glenda experience

According to State weather bureau PAGASA, Typhoon Glenda was estimated based on all available data and PAGASA Virac Radar at 40 km Northeast of Catarman, Northern Samar or 130 km

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Smart Expands Music Portfolio with Launch of Deezer offers

Wireless services leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is broadening its music portfolio with the introduction of premium bundles for global music-streaming service Deezer, strengthening its foothold in the music space

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Best Smartphones 1st half of 2014 has to offer

Today people are getting obsessed with gadgets like iPods’, tablets, laptops, and smart phones, the age where these gadgets are keyboard operated were slowly coming to end, it’s being replaced

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10 Rarest and Amazing Astronomical Events

Our world is truly mysterious and amazing, there are many spectacular things happening every now and then, but our world’s beauty is just a tiny piece of what lies far

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Top 10 Deadly Diseases

The Human body is capable of doing many amazing things, it’s limits is still unknown for only a portion of our brain can be access throughout our entire life and

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10 Places that will Make your Skin Crawl

Have you ever got the feeling that someone is watching you when you are alone? That something just went pass you but there’s no person around except you? Or maybe

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DepEd launches Library Locator Map

Last June 27, the Department of Education officially launched they’re new web app. The Library Locator Map, a modified version of Google Maps with layers to show libraries and library

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Chinese Hospitals Introduce a New Machine which can Extract Sperm for Donors

It sounds weird but it’s not! According to China’s Weibo social platform the automatic sperm extractors are being introduced in a Nanjing hospital, capital of Jiangsu province. This sperm extractor, available

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Why do many people want cosmetic procedures?

Nowadays cosmetic surgeries are very popular in our society, almost all countries around the globe is now endorsing this kind of medical treatment, artist in show business, different stars and

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Simplify your Homescreen with this Launcher

Most of us just can’t get satisfaction with our Mobile UI, that we download a lot of diffrent launchers just to get the right one. Some launchers are just too