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Land Rover and Virgin Galactic partnership: To inspire young people across the globe to pursue careers in engineering, science and technology

New York City, USA, 20:00 EDT, 14th April 2014: Land Rover, the British brand synonymous with adventure, has revealed a long-term global partnership with Richard Branson’s pioneering commercial spaceline, Virgin

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When ventosa goes wrong

Ventosa technique ‘sucks’ out stagnant blood and lymph, thereby improving blood flow during the treatment. The skin inside the cup reddens due to the strong cupping which indicates that circulation has

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Change Your Passwords Now: A Heartbleed Bug Advisory

Recently, websites are starting to patch the Heartbleed bug, which became the worst security glitch the Internet at time. Whilst almost all website you knew races to fix the viral

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PHOTO COVERAGE: Nokia X public launch on March 29 at the SM By the Bay

Karel Holub, general manager of Nokia Philippines says, “We are very happy with the turnout of the people here at “Nokia X Races” as we launch to the general public

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Animals which are Relatively Comparable to Humans

The firm belief by men that we are the most special creature in this world and that we’re on the top of the animal kingdom ( setting aside other superstitious

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iPhone Phablet Rumors to Debut in May, iPhone 6 in September

A Chinese online publication Huanqiu intensified rumors of a new bigger iPhone model(s) from Apple to be unveiled sooner than anticipated. It is said to be that a debut of the

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iPhone Case and a 650K-volt Stun Gun in One

The newest of its kind is available in the market for grabs, an iPhone case that also functions as a stun gun. Equipped with an electrode able of channeling 650,000

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Giant 3D printer: A 24-Hour House Builder

Behrokh Khoshenevis, a professor in the University of Southern California, developed the giant 3D printer that can build an entire medium-sized house for less than a day. The mammoth 3D