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SHOCKING! Here’s How You Can Be a Victim of Identity Theft by Simply Posting a Picture of Your Boarding Pass

People love sharing details and happenings about themselves in their social media accounts. From a new dog, a new house, the food they ate for lunch, a nice view, their

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Instagram Stories Now Beats Its ‘Original Version’, Snapchat

“A Snapchat clone that’s bigger than Snapchat” It was August of 2016 when the social media giant, Instagram, introduced us to their latest feature, Instagram Stories. Admit it or not, they cloned it directly from Snapchat, while

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Rapoo Launches VPro Gaming Peripherals, The Most Advanced Ever!

As we all know, Rapoo is an award-winning brand that has strong R&D capabilities and advanced manufacturing management. Established in 2002, the company adheres to a management philosophy that focuses on “people-oriented,

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6 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Can’t Find Happiness

Are smart people really miserable? It has long been perceived that average people tend to be happier compared to highly intelligent individuals. Even if they have a great job, a

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LOOK: Scientists discover a brand new continent

It has long been thought that the Earth has seven continents: Asia, Africa, Australia, Antartica, Europe, North America and South America. But a recent discovery has revealed that there’s a

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Facebook runs trial for Dislike Button on Messenger App

Millions of active Facebook users have been requesting for a dislike button for a really long time. Apparently, the six reactions are not enough to suffice some posts. Back in

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Can we really predict earthquakes?

After two earthquakes shook parts of Southern and Eastern Mindanao last month and  several deep sea creatures were washed up in several coasts in the Philippines, conspiracy theorists can’t help

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Seven Earth-sized worlds found orbiting a nearby star

Could the hunt for alien life beyond our solar system begin much sooner than previously thought? Astronomers have recently discovered seven Earth-sized planets orbiting around a nearby star called Trappist-1.

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VIDEO: Shocking moment Apple iPhone 7 Plus explodes

Will the Apple iPhone 7 Plus suffer the same fate as the exploding Samsung phones? Following Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s exploding scandal that led to a global recall of millions

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This Legendary Phone Has Been Reborn 17 Years After Its Release

Nokia is arguably the pioneer of cellular phones. Nokia 3310 was the start of it all. This legendary mobile gadget is set to be launched again. Nokia fans rejoiced upon