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Top 10 Sexiest Jobs for Men According to Women

If you’re wondering why you haven’t gotten any dates in the past decade, it may be because of your job. Wonder why some men get a lot of dates while

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Why your dog is always happy to see you

Yours could be the hand that feeds the dog, but it’s not the only reason why he’s always happy to see you. Researchers at Emory University sought the scientific explanation

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LOOK: Kids explore giant butt exhibit in Japan

The Karada no Fushigi Daibouken, or “The Mysterious Great Adventure of the Body,” is an educational science exhibit in Japan that aims to familiarize children with the workings of the

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12-Year-Old Can’t Afford Books, Asks Mailman For Junk Mail to Read

When 12-year-old Matthew Flores approached their local mailman for spare junk mail, Postal Worker Ron Lynch just had to know why. It turns out that the boy, a Salt Lake

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Baby Seal Gets Stuck in Mud, is Rescued by Cows?

A herd of cows were behaving oddly in a field within RSPB Frampton Marsh, a natural reserve in Lincolnshire, England, and this was noticed by Ian Ellis, who was bird watching

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Cute aggression: Why it’s normal to want to bite cute things

Ever wondered why we have the tendency to want to squeeze or bite anything we find cute like a new baby or a cute stuffed toy? Recent studies have shown

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Superheroes and Star Wars characters get a 16th century makeover

How would superheroes and Star Wars characters look like if they lived in the 16th century? This is what French photographer Sacha Goldberger tried to achieve in the quirky photo

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Mall security guard dog-sits while its owner was in a restaurant

Netizen Cromwell Ramos Dela Rosa posted the cute story of a mall security guard at one of the popular go-to places in the metro who was dog-sitting a shih tzu for a family eating in a

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The Road to Forever: This Cum Laude Couple from UP has been together since 2009

A good relationship is meant to bring out the best in you in every way, and today’s featured couple in our Road to Forever Series definitely fits the bill. Photos of

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LOOK: Famous Pinoy personalities reimagined as Dragon Ball Z characters

Pinoys are recognized for being extremely talented: be it in entertainment industry, professional services, or arts. And what’s more commendable is the fact that even “ordinary” Pinoys can show-off their