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Dead mouse in Starbucks drink? Former barista says it’s impossible

Last January 26, a woman named Jessa claimed that she found a dead mouse in her Starbucks drink. The story was even featured on TV Patrol and quickly spread online. Netizens

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The Science of Love: Our brains ‘fall in love’ in less than a second

How long does it take for a person to fall in love? An interesting study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine has revealed that our brains fall in love

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LOOK: This animal looks like a tiger but barks like a dog

Thailand. A news crew was in Bang Rakam District reporting on drought conditions when they noticed an odd-looking animal. According to the group, they saw they mysterious creature after it ran

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Why does your dog tilt its head to the side?

Have you ever noticed how dogs tilt their heads to one side whenever you speak to them? Experts say that your furry best friend’s head-tilting is their way of showing they empathize. Dogs

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LOOK: Inside a Prefabricated Folding Container Home

When we think of luxury houses, we usually imagine mansions that are big and spacious, and that we need to have millions in order to have a beautiful house. However,

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Young boy’s inspiring before-and-after cancer photo sparks hope

It is true that cancer has claimed millions of lives across the world, but there are also millions who have survived and lived to tell the tale of how they were able to

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Netizens angry at veteran broadcast journalist over ‘unnecessary’ complaint against NAIA’s PA system

Filipinos all know how the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminal is considered to be one of the worst in the world, but can you really fault the people working there if

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Family throws grand party for cancer-stricken girl’s last birthday

Charming five-year-old Lila May Schow has been battling cancer for three years—and doctors believe she will not last another year since her frail body is barely holding on. Hoping against hope but knowing

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It’s not your fault when you drop that stuffed toy in claw machines

Oh my God. Mom has always been right all this time! Never ever waste my lunch money on this claw machines in the games arcade near school. By the way,

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LOOK: Take a ride in the Garden Taxi

While most news about taxis involve various modus operandi, netizen Clarisse Inao posted about a different kind of taxi—one we’d all like to ride in. Inao has had her share of bad taxi