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Cute Puppy Dog Eyes; What They Really Mean

Most often than not, we find our little dog’s puppy eyes adorable. May it be for good reason or bad, we tend to melt our hearts out and hug our

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Do dogs see what you see on TV?

Ever wonder what’s going on in your dog’s head when they’re watching TV with you? Do they see the same things that you see onscreen? Research has found that dogs

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VIRAL: Netizens go gaga over “cabbage man” 

Days after “carrot man” caused a social media frenzy, another farmer from the Mountain Province seems to have caught the fancy of netizens. Neil Galuten Matchok, also known as the “cabbage

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Is this the world’s best job? Earn $32k a year just by cuddling pandas

Earn $32,000 a year just by cuddling with pandas? This may just be the just the best job ever. The Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre in China is serious about

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Balloon at a child’s wake mysteriously moves and ‘comforts’ grieving mother

While many believe that spirits visit their loved ones to bid goodbye before leaving the earthly plane, there is very little evidence to support such stories. But a video that has

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Dead mouse in Starbucks drink? Former barista says it’s impossible

Last January 26, a woman named Jessa claimed that she found a dead mouse in her Starbucks drink. The story was even featured on TV Patrol and quickly spread online. Netizens

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The Science of Love: Our brains ‘fall in love’ in less than a second

How long does it take for a person to fall in love? An interesting study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine has revealed that our brains fall in love

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LOOK: This animal looks like a tiger but barks like a dog

Thailand. A news crew was in Bang Rakam District reporting on drought conditions when they noticed an odd-looking animal. According to the group, they saw they mysterious creature after it ran

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Why does your dog tilt its head to the side?

Have you ever noticed how dogs tilt their heads to one side whenever you speak to them? Experts say that your furry best friend’s head-tilting is their way of showing they empathize. Dogs

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LOOK: Inside a Prefabricated Folding Container Home

When we think of luxury houses, we usually imagine mansions that are big and spacious, and that we need to have millions in order to have a beautiful house. However,