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Faith In Humanity Restored! This Driver Returns Bag Containing Money and Gadgets

Faith in humanity was once restored after this Facebook post of Jann DG went viral. In her post, she shared her mom’s experience in San Mateo, Rizal. It was om

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Shocking! This Baby Was Stabbed 90 Times By Her Own Mother, But Why?

His Own Mother Stabbed Him 90 Times After He Bit Her While Breastfeeding WARNING: This article includes disturbing pictures of the baby after the incident. China–Xiao Bao, an 8-month-old baby

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This Boy Dying From Brain Cancer Donates His Own Kidney To Her Mother

A seven-year-old boy, dying from brain tumor, tells his ill mother to let him die so she can have his kidney and extend her life. Chen Xiaotian was just five

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An Abandoned Dog Was Found Carrying A Plastic Bag! What’s Inside Will Break Your Heart

It is hard to understand why dog owners abandon their pets. Aren’t they their best friends? Dogs also have feelings and emotions. They are not even immune from pain. While

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This 7-year Old Inspires Everyone Despite Having a Heart Outside of Her Chest

Virsaviya Borun, 7 years old, a Russian native, was born with her heart outside of her chest. This lovely young girl suffers from a rare congenital condition, Pentalogy of Cantrell.

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Trending: Carrot Man Joins Handsome Igorots of Panagbenga Festival 2017

It is the most colorful time in Baguio, without a doubt. It is the most awaited event of the year in the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Panagbenga Festival ’17

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This Girl Gets Her Perfect Revenge After Being Catcalled By Perverts

Catcalling is against the law for some countries like Belgium, Portugal, Argentina, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. Catcalling is degrading for women. It is a form of sexual

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This Dog Watches His Owner Go To Sleep Every Night! The Reason Is A Tearjerker

Dogs are man’s best friend, but hey! We, humans, are also dogs’ best friends. The affection our dogs convey to us may need some decoding, but they never fail to make

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Creepy! The Tanay Accident’s Victims Could Have Possibly Foretold The Tragedy

After the real-life Final Destination tragedy happened to the group of students in Tanay, speculations hit the internet. The recent accident that took 14 people’s lives in Tanay, Rizal upset

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Gym Addicts Are Less Likely To Have Active Sex Life

We know, we know, good bods exude more sex appeal. But does it mean more Sex? A study says no. Researchers at the University of North Carolina concluded that workout