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Gay Lover Goes Berserk When He Saw His Partner With A Girl

There are things that we think we are not capable of doing, but when jealousy strikes, it brings out the worst out of us. We have done crazy things out of

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LOOK: Bromance photos of a Groom and Best Man

Pre-nuptial photos have become an essential part of weddings. It is now an important part of wedding photography that has also become a billion dollar industry in the U.S. Pre-nuptial photos

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“Under Your Eyes In The Nothern Lights”, This Guy’s Proposal Is Majestic!

After his failed first proposal attempt, the 34-year-old Dale Sharpe planned out what seemed to be the most majestic marriage proposal ever. It took him 7 years before bending one

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Atenista athlete shows us the most creative proposal that any girl couldn’t say “No” to

A lot of couples felt giddy, and some were even envious, when Rex Intal had posted the whole story about how he got the sweetest yes from Ciacia Mendoza. He

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Can arguing online affect your mental health?

A quick glance at a certain social media post or video on YouTube confirms one thing: people love arguing online. May it be a political post or a video of

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This Lady Finally Stood Up For Herself after Being Abused by Her Boyfriend

A few days after the celebration of women’s day, a Facebook user named Sarah Chie Tejada, posted five pictures along with her message for all the women over the world.

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Legalization of same-sex marriage linked to fewer suicide attempts among US teens

“Love wins, love always wins.”– Mitch Albom The legalization of same-sex marriages in the US has not only benefitted members of the LGBT community. In a new study published in

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A Couple with Down’s Syndrome got Engaged on Live TV

Just recently, a couple with Down’s syndrome was banned from kissing in a youth club by a staff who thought it was inappropriate for them to do so. Angered by

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The Story Behind The Viral Valentine Post of This Gay Couple #SpreadTheLove

Reiner Allen Linga, 21 and Vench Allen Cuarto, 20 did not expect that their love story will go viral online. On February 14, Linga set up a Valentine surprise for Cuarto

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Girls Are Not Desperate, They Are Born Passionate

Girls are often disassociated with being clingy, but who can blame them? They are born passionate. It’s Just A Girl Thing She sends messages first, but who cares? She speaks