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Wedding Goals: This Couple Re-Enacted Popular Korean dramas for their Prenup Shoot!

A soon-to-be-wed made every K-Drama fan envious by reenacting popular scenes for their prenup. The groom’s sister decided to take it to a different level by editing their pictures with

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This Guy’s Saddest Birthday Greeting to His First Love will Bring You to Tears!

A man named Haron Ar-Rashid S. Dima posted a letter to his ‘almost girlfriend’ before greeting her a happy birthday. He recalled their wonderful memories together and how they suddenly

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This Extraordinary Couple Gains Love From The Netizens, Lauds Handicapped Beauty

A former employee at Sun Postpaid, Dennis Ceralde, shocked the internet when he posted a heartwarming moment of an extraordinary couple. Much Love According to him, he was about to buy

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Science says men who marry chubby women are ten times happier

Do ladies really need to shed extra pounds to make men happy? Apparently, this isn’t true according to a research carried out by scientists at the Department of Psychology at

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This Obsessed Woman Bribes Her Crush’s Girlfriend For 11.4 Million Just To Break Up With Him

Remember how having a crush is associated with pureness and innocence? It is supposed to be our way of inspiring ourselves, not to destroy someone else’s life. Obsession There’s a fine

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SHOCKING: Read Why the Supposedly Sweet Couplefie gave Goosebumps to the Netizens

Couples with photos of their genuinely sweet moments truly deserve a heart reaction on Facebook. At times, they make the netizens envious but there are a few instances wherein they

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Couple Endured a Freezing 3-Day Hike to Shoot for their Dream Wedding Photos

Wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime event in a couple’s life. Therefore, most couples make sure that they make their dream wedding come true. One of those pairs is Wayne and Amanda,

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WATCH: Lover’s Manhood Got Jammed inside the Adulterous Woman

Karma has a unique way of giving people what they deserve after doing something nasty, which is why most people warn each other saying, “Ingat ka, mabilis ang karma.” Despite

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A lieutenant and a guerilla cross paths again after 16 years

Mike Logico was a lieutenant who commanded the 12th Special Forces Company. His adversary was the commander of Guerrilla Front 51, a battle toughened rebel. He posted his story in

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Couple Shared How Their Faith in God Changed their Relationship for the Better

People change, as it is one of the most inevitable happening in someone’s life. There will always come a time when a person suddenly doesn’t like things he used to