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Shocking! This Baby Was Stabbed 90 Times By Her Own Mother, But Why?

His Own Mother Stabbed Him 90 Times After He Bit Her While Breastfeeding WARNING: This article includes disturbing pictures of the baby after the incident. China–Xiao Bao, an 8-month-old baby

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This Boy Dying From Brain Cancer Donates His Own Kidney To Her Mother

A seven-year-old boy, dying from brain tumor, tells his ill mother to let him die so she can have his kidney and extend her life. Chen Xiaotian was just five

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This 7-year Old Inspires Everyone Despite Having a Heart Outside of Her Chest

Virsaviya Borun, 7 years old, a Russian native, was born with her heart outside of her chest. This lovely young girl suffers from a rare congenital condition, Pentalogy of Cantrell.

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Gym Addicts Are Less Likely To Have Active Sex Life

We know, we know, good bods exude more sex appeal. But does it mean more Sex? A study says no. Researchers at the University of North Carolina concluded that workout

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LOOK: One-year Old Baby Gets Hospitalized After Swallowing Safety Pin

Caraisan, Ilocos Sur – a One-year-old child gets hospitalized after swallowing thumb sized safety pin. Antonette Valle, mother of the child, she did not notice that her baby is playing with

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Eating this fruit on an empty stomach killed hundreds of Indian children

A tropical fruit has been found by scientists to be responsible for the deaths of more than 100 children in northern India last year. Eating too many lychees on empty

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Why do humans don’t have penis bone?

Do you ever wonder why humans, unlike other mammals, don’t possess a bone in their joystick? Believe it or not, it has something to do with the human’s preference for

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Shocking! This Woman Found A Cockroach Stuck In Her Skull

We all thought the creepiest thing a cockroach can do is fly and crawl on our skin. We thought wrong. Selvi, 42 years old, from India was reported to have

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LISTEN: This song reduces anxiety by 65%, according to neuroscientists

With more and more people across the globe reporting episodes of overwhelming anxiety, neuroscientists have come up with a couple of ways to treat it. The use of pharmaceutical drug

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You should stop sticking things into your ears, doctors warn

Are you one of those people who find satisfaction in putting small things, like Q-tips, into their ears? Bad news is you shouldn’t be doing it. In fact, the American Academy