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Bambi is a freelance writer/editor who is a big fan of Marvel, Star Wars, and all things geeky. Aside from her geek obsessions, she's also an aspiring cat lady with three cats in her household. She's also a devoted mom and wife.

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Kidney stones giving you pain? Then hop on a rollercoaster

When patients of urologist Dr. David Wartinger approached him one after the other with reports of painlessly passing kidney stones after visits to amusement parks, the doctor knew he just

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Short attention span? Try learning a new language

A recent study by UK-based researchers shows that learning a second language can prove to have positive effects on the brain. Scientists have observed that bilingual people are better at

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Top 10 Pokemon based on terrifying myths and legends

The current popularity of the phenomenal game app Pokemon Go has brought about a renewed interest in the twenty-year-old multimedia franchise, Pokemon. The Pokemon anime and games focus on Pokemon

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‘You’re not lazy, you’re smart!’ says Science

Would you rather stare off into space or occupy yourself with some activity, any activity, as long as you don’t stay idle? If you answered spacing out, then you might

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Man collapses from exhaustion, waiting for girlfriend who never shows up

While he may have been prepared for some rough patches with the 5,000-mile trip from Holland to China, 41-year-old Alexander Cirk, however, was ill-prepared for the turbulence that faced him when

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No BF? No problem! Just rent a fake boyfriend in China

And you thought nosy and opinionated Filipina aunts were bad. In China, single women who reach the ripe “old” age of 27 are given the derogatory label, “sheng nu,” which

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Sen. Gordon proposes SIM card registration to deter 911 prank calls

When the 911 emergency hotline was activated last August 1, 304 prank calls and 1,119 dropped calls were recorded out of the 2,475 total calls the hotline received that day.

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Basic Gardening will soon be taught to all elementary students

“Touch the soil, smell the grass,” begins a post published on Facebook by Secretary Manny Pinol of the Department of Agriculture (DA). Within the same post, he announced that the

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Can science reverse the effects of menopause?

For some women, menopause sets in early. They begin to be infertile even before they reach their 50’s. According to doctors, the optimum time for a woman to have babies

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Science explains how a dog’s lick can be deadly

Maybe it’s not such a good idea to let your dog lick you. When a 70-year-old woman went through a prolonged hospitalization and almost suffered fatal sepsis, her doctors attributed