Here’s how you can become a more positive person in 3 weeks

Here’s how you can become a more positive person in 3 weeks

With all the negative things happening all over the world, it’s truly challenging to stay positive and happy. Bad things happening in our lives may outweigh the good things coming our way.

While it’s very easy to focus on the negative things in our life, there’s certainly a clear path towards a happier and more positive life.

What’s the secret to a happy life?

According to happiness experts, our mind becomes more inclined towards joy when we relish the small moments that bring us happiness and delight. By practicing this, being happy will become increasingly effortless and easy over time.

Here are the things you need to do in order to become a person beaming of positivity in 21 days.

First Week: Taking Note

For the first 7 days of your journey towards positivity, you need to look into the small things that bring joy and happiness to you. It could be fleeting moments of joy in life that are not necessarily super intense.

1. Focus on the small things that bring pleasure.

Take note of bite-size pleasures occurring everyday. It can be your morning coffee that jumpstarts your day or your favorite dessert in the evening. By doing this consistently, you will be able to form a habit of recalling these moments.

2. Be vocal.

Vocally acknowledge these delights to help you live the moment. For instance, you can say “It feels good to when the hot water from the shower touches my skin” or “Getting that morning call from my boyfriend actually makes my day”.

3. Keep a one-sentence journal.

Take note of a single happy thought everyday and write it down in a journal. It can be something funny, beautiful or anything that made you smile.

Second Week: Finding Hidden Happy Moments

For this week, you need to focus your attention on less obvious sources of your happiness.

1. Take snapshots.

Use your smartphone to capture photos of things that make you happy. The great morning view from your window can be a perfect subject.

2.  Take in color from your world.

There are various studies showing links between color and happiness. You can take advantage of this by trying to spot your favorite color, say blue, in your surroundings.

3.  Have a different view of negativities.

No matter how determined we are to become positive, there are just some things that sour our mood.You can try reframing these negative things by considering small parts of it that are actually nice. If you hate dealing with the heavy traffic from your daily commute, try to appreciate the beautiful sceneries you encounter.

Third Week: Joy on Command

Even when you think you have no reason to be happy, little bits of delight can actually boost your mood. Here are some strategies that can give your emotions a lift.

1. Have a psych-up song.

Researchers believe that playing up an upbeat music is one of the quickest ways to improve your mood.

2. Get pumped up.

Did you know that doing jumping jacks can be a good strategy to achieve happiness? It may seem childish and pointless but it actually gets you pumped up right away.

3. Spread positive vibes.

You can do this by secretly sending positive vibes to random people you encounter. Believe it or not, spreading some cheer can actually make you happier.

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