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This Girl Suffered from Dysmenorrhea Every Month; What the Doctor Found in Her will Shock You!

Jasmine Gabriel often experienced intense dysmenorrhea every month since her teenage years. When she decided to go and see a doctor, it turns out that she has fibroid tumors. Every

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Netizen, alarmed upon seeing ‘satanic show’ airing in a supposed-to-be a child-recommended TV network

One of the concerned netizens shared a disturbing show which is being aired on Cartoon Network channel. The show promotes satanic symbols and acts portrayed by a family’s pet dog.

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This Traveler Visited Five Countries with only Php30,000 in his Pocket!

Man shared the ultimate hack of travelling to five countries on a small budget. Traveler figured out the best way to see more places without having to acquire fat wallet.

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Missed The Pilot Episode of “Hungry With Chef JP”? It’s Never Too Late To Catch Up

With the premiere of Hungry With Chef JP: Season 2 last Saturday, May 20, many were asking how can they catch up. Showed on CNN Philippines’ Free TV Channel 9, the first installment

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Global Brand Vivo Unveils V5s, A Supreme Leader in Selfie-centric Market

Listen Up, Selfie Enthusiasts! Having a hard time choosing a phone with a sharp front camera? Fret not as the top 5 global brand Vivo treats you with Vivo V5s their newest

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“Asian Air Safari” Flies You To Ethiopia As Season 12 Premiere Kicks Off

Edsa Shangri-La Cineplex–The latest season of the hit travel show Asian Air Safari kicks off with amazing two-part adventure in Ethiopia. Asian Air Safari Season 12 A Cradle of Mankind and A Land

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Watsons Wants You To #GetActive And Stay Healthy For The Rest of Your Life

Did you know? 66% of Filipinos actually believe that they have good knowledge on health; however, surprisingly, 57% of which do not exercise regularly to stay healthy. This recent study was

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DOT reveals Philippines Is Being Eyed To Host Miss Universe 2017

Philippines Is Eyed To Host Miss Universe 2017 Philippines to host Miss Universe back to back DOT Chair Looks Forward To Miss U 2017 in the Philippines In a report

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LOOK: Majestic Pink Pineapples Are Now Ready To Conquer The World

Pink Pineapples Sprouted Somewhere In The World Pink Pineapples Exist The World Is Ready For Pink Pineapples Out of all the madness the world is currently experiencing, we will give

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Starbucks Welcomes You To Its Biggest Branch In The Philippines Ever

Biggest Starbucks in the Philippines Starbucks Philippines Opens Its Biggest Branch In The Country Starbucks Macapagal Blvd It has been a two-week hype for our netizens when Starbucks Philippines opened its biggest