Woman slams her Husband’s Mistress after she Boasted about their Infidelity

Woman slams her Husband’s Mistress after she Boasted about their Infidelity

Mistresses are found almost everywhere. Some of them didn’t want to become one in the first place but ends up in that situation because of love, while the others became a mistress by choice. To add it up, there are even a few of them who are proud of what they had become and brags about it to their friends and to the public as well.

One of the legal wives, named Lorraine Custodio who got fed up by these kinds of mistresses and finally made a move to put her husband’s mistress to where she belongs. Her Facebook post immediately went viral and was about a woman named Inah Santiago Villamar, who was the mistress of her husband Raegan.

Along with her status, she also included the screenshots of their conversation to let everyone know what Villamar had been telling her.

Based on their conversation, the mistress was implying that Custodio is only labeled as Raegan’s partner, not his wife, since they are just live-in partners.

Also, what’s more shocking is that she revealed that her parents knew about her relationship with someone who is already a father of two children.

Furthermore, Custodio also posted the Villamar’s posts in her account about her and Raegan.

Custodio also got a screenshot from someone with Villamar admitting that she is indeed in a relationship with someone who’s already committed.

The Facebook users who had seen the pictures were infuriated by Villamar’s boldness, considering that she was only a mistress and being one is not something to be proud of.

Custodio’s post only goes to show that mistresses nowadays don’t have any fear left as they are able to fight off with the wife bravely. Apart from the constant reminders that adultery is a sin, will they ever realize that what they are doing is wrong?

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