Heartbreaking! Wife Helps Husband Find New Love Before She Dies

Heartbreaking! Wife Helps Husband Find New Love Before She Dies

Watching your wife suffer from sickness is heartbreaking, but seeing her find a new love for you hurts even more.

Clare and John Mauremootoo was just an ordinary couple living in Somerset, United Kingdom, until Clare, 39, suffered from a disease that heavily affected her motor neurons.

Wife Helps Husband Find New Love

For her death wish, Clare wants her husband to find a new love | Photo via Elite Readers

Death Wish

Clare’s death wish is far different from other wishes–for John to find new love so their two kids could be guided by a mother figure. She also wanted someone to look after her husband, keep him company.

During her darkest times, she was able to set aside her own feelings and asked the hospital staff at Weston Hospice to help her arrange possible dates for her husband. John, on the other hand, is hesitant to accept his wife’s wish. He is not yet ready to forget what he and Clare had. He wanted to spend more time with her dying wife.

They even had a wonderful Valentine’s Date in 2007 before Clare passed away.

Five days after their last Valentine’s together, Clare died. Thinking about his wife’s last wish, John did not immediately act on it. He thought about what his sons, Jack (10) and Ben (7) would feel.

John Meets Julie

Wife Helps Husband Find New Love

John met Julie through an online dating site | Photo via Elite Readers

Months after her wife’s death, John signed up for an online dating website. There, she met Julie Macfarlane, a single mother of two. In March 2008, they decided to move in together. But it took them years to tie the knot, because they wanted their kids to grow first.

Wife Helps Husband Find New Love

In March 2008, the two decided to live together | Photo via Elite Readers

And in April of 2012, they finally exchanged vows and during their wedding, John spoke about Clare and said he thinks she’s happy now. Happy that he finally fulfilled her death wish.

Wife Helps Husband Find New Love

John and Julie finally tied the knot in April, 2012 | Photo via Elite Readers

“During my speech, I talked about Clare’s diagnosis and the time we’d spent together, and her wish for me to find someone special. I told everyone I tought Clare would be smiling down on us. She wanted us to be happy and I think she would be, seeing how things turned out,” John said in an interview.

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