Rock hits a Girl’s Head in the Middle of ‘Alay Lakad’

Rock hits a Girl’s Head in the Middle of ‘Alay Lakad’

Lenten Season is the time to be solemn and reflect upon our sins and reminisce on Jesus Christ’s sacrifices, hence explains why it should be respected even though a person doesn’t have the same religion as most people.

However, despite of the sacred time of the year, there are also some who seems like they don’t understand what the Lenten season is all about.

A girl named Namie Morales was hit by a rock in her head while she was in the middle of ‘Alay-Lakad’ with her friends.

According to the Facebook user named Rena Morales who posted the incident, their group had a fight with another group – where the one who hit Namie belonged.

Rena is now calling for justice to make sure that the ones at fault will pay for what they had done to the poor woman who is suffering.

It is such a disgrace that an incident like this happened on Holy Week. The youth who should also be doing their part in their religions, are the one who have the courage to do horrendous act to others.

The youth are not restricted from forming their own organizations, but everyone hopes that they have a good purpose for doing so, and not only to do harm to other existing groups. Also, Holy Week is the time to repent for our sins, not to make another one and pile up our sins.

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