BEWARE: This Beggar will Scratch your Car with a Sharp Object if You don’t Give Him Alms

BEWARE: This Beggar will Scratch your Car with a Sharp Object if You don’t Give Him Alms

The good Samaritans are fond of helping beggars by giving them donations in cash or in kind as it is a wonderful feeling to know that we were able to share our blessings to the unfortunate ones.

However, there are also times when people are forced to give some alms to beggars. One example is when some of them threaten a person that they will spit on them if they won’t give them money. Although it may seem unbelievable, it really happens sometimes.

Another example for it is the story shared by Cy Villanueva-Pasion on her Facebook account last April 17th.

According to her, she and her company was on their way out of a mall’s premises when a man walked to her and begged for alms. Since the stoplight would soon be changing the signal, she wasn’t able to give some to the man.

It turns out that if someone won’t give him anything, he would scratch your car with a sharp object that he was hiding all along! The beggar was able to put a dent on Pasion’s car, specifically in the back wing.

Pasion said it was a good thing that another concerned driver behind her went out of his car and confronted the beggar—which is why the man had fled away.

The netizens who had seen the post were furious as the beggar shouldn’t have acted that way considering that he was only begging and it wasn’t anyone’s responsibility to give alms to beggars. Some of them also thought that he looked like he has some kind of illness, while the others thought that he was only pretending to be a disabled man.

Incidents like this are the reason why people are starting to be suspicious and hesitant when helping the poor. Everyone has their own free will and no one should be forced to do something they do not want.

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