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Say Goodbye to Your Stubborn Pimples: An Acne Vaccine is on the Way!

One of the most common skincare problems that almost everyone experiences is the stubborn acne. Sometimes, it would disappear overnight, but generally it takes a lot of time before it

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SHOCKING! Here’s How You Can Be a Victim of Identity Theft by Simply Posting a Picture of Your Boarding Pass

People love sharing details and happenings about themselves in their social media accounts. From a new dog, a new house, the food they ate for lunch, a nice view, their

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Couple Shared How Their Faith in God Changed their Relationship for the Better

People change, as it is one of the most inevitable happening in someone’s life. There will always come a time when a person suddenly doesn’t like things he used to

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College Graduate Proves that Lovelife is Never a Hindrance to Finish One’s Studies

If there’s a statement students often hear from their parents, it would be, “Lovelife will only be a hindrance to your studies.” Admit it, there are some instances that prove

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Never Let Your Kids Disappear from Your Sight: A Kid from a Secured Village was Almost Kidnapped by an Addict

Kidnapping is one of the most common and frightening crimes all over the world. Children are forcefully taken into a vehicle, away from their parents. Some of the syndicates who

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This Guy was Left Terrified after His Comical Girlfriend Pulled the Ultimate ‘Lucia Joaquin’ Prank

Pranks are one of the most entertaining stunts a person can pull. Well, it is funny if you’re the one who’s making them, but when you’re the victim, bet you

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Man Gives the Best Response to those who Criticize Public Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding in public became an issue not only in the country, but also internationally. Some people say that it is improper to feed an infant when a mother is in

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VIRAL: The Terrifying Story of this Ghost on Facebook will Make You Stop Browsing Late At Night

There are a lot of horror stories everywhere. Some of it is true, while the others haven’t been confirmed if it is actually a real one. These kinds of stories

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Unusual Photobomber joins the Group Photo of Vacationers in Burias, Masbate

There are a lot of spirits which are still wandering around despite of the time that had passed since their death. Some said that it might be because they either

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Cancer-Stricken Lady Planned Her own Funeral Inspired from the movie “Die Beautiful”

If there’s one thing that most people are afraid of, it would be death. Some say that they are not yet ready to pass away as they still have a