SHOCKING! Woman’s Simple Dysmenorrhea turned out to be an Ovarian Cysts

SHOCKING! Woman’s Simple Dysmenorrhea turned out to be an Ovarian Cysts

Last March 13th of the year, Caren Ramos Cortez posted her unexpected experience regarding the Ovarian Cysts to raise awareness for the public, especially to every woman.

She said that it started when her monthly period got delayed until the third week of January, which is unusual because her period was always regular. However, aside from the usual red liquid, she discharged a brown kind. Every month, she also experiences severe dysmenorrhea but it was not the type of pain which is tolerable.

Her period continued its intense flow for a week. It was her mother who noticed that her lower abdomen was getting bigger as if she was two months pregnant, which is why they decided to see a doctor to know the reason for such occurrence.

The ultrasound showed that she has a cyst in both left and right ovary.

Her doctor said it was Endometrioma Bilateral or Chocolate Cysts Endometriosis.

Cortez was confronted by her doctor that they might need to remove both of her ovaries as it would be dangerous because of its size. It was even mentioned that the other cyst was already attached to her intestine which makes it more unsafe for her well-being. It was truly saddening for her as she is dreaming of having her own kids in the future.

Her boyfriend stayed by her side the whole time and made sure she felt his love and support for her.

After almost seven hours of operation, she woke up to receive good news that the cysts were gone and the doctors had found a way to save her other ovary.

She was truly shocked when she saw the big cysts that were removed from her.

Cortez shared more information regarding Ovarian Cysts and why women should be cautious about it.

She explained why it was dangerous and encouraged other women to have themselves checked by a professional to avoid the same situation she had gone through.

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