Kid Vendor makes a heartwarming sacrifice for his Grandmother

Kid Vendor makes a heartwarming sacrifice for his Grandmother

Normally, children are known to be care-free and just playing around to their heart’s content without a sense of responsibility given their young age. However, there are also instances where kids prove us that age is indeed just a number. Their heroic actions taught us that every child really has a golden heart.

A wonderful role model we can refer to is this kid who is frequently seen in San Miguel Luisita, Tarlac.

Anjennette Asuncion Salonga posted on her Facebook account regarding this young boy who’s still selling turon despite of the darkness of the night.

According to Salonga, there’s a time when she saw the kid in front of a fastfood chain, holding the food products that he sell while sleeping. He woke him up to ask him why he was still in the streets on a late night.

The young boy told her that he still needs to sell everything for his grandmother. He also added that his grandmother cannot work anymore which is why he had taken the initiative to sell fritters in the streets.

A facebook user posted a comment on Salonga’s post saying that the kid is his nephew. She added that she wanted to get the kid back then to enroll him in a school, which his family did not approved of.

Those who had seen Salonga’s post admired the kid’s sense of responsibility. They are truly amused that he isn’t tempted to steal, but instead works hard by selling food.

Salonga encouraged the public to buy from the little boy next time they see him.

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