“Riverdale” star Cole Sprouse discovered that his face was used in a Pinoy Pocketbook

“Riverdale” star Cole Sprouse discovered that his face was used in a Pinoy Pocketbook

Filipinos grew up with a fair amount of knowledge about romance pocketbooks.

If there’s one thing everyone surely knows is the fact that there are books which uses international celebrities’ faces for their book covers.

There are a lot of faces from Korea, but there are also some which are from the United States.

Just a few days ago, one of these pocketbooks’ model found out that a certain pocketbook had his face recreated on its cover as the male model for a romance story. Cole Sprouse posted on his Twitter account and had this shocking news disseminated to all his supporters – including the Pinoy ones.

To his dismay, another user just asked him if he was certain that it was his face and not his twin brother’s.

Just when his fans thought that Sprouse was the only victim, his followers tweeted him pictures of pocketbooks with other stars as well such as Ariana Grande and Brad Pitt. Here’s Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber.

His Pinoy followers confirmed that it is indeed a legit Filipino pocketbook.

Because of this matter, fans of the Riverdale star are looking forward to see what Sprouse will do next.

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