Filipino K-Pop Trainee Exposed How He was Discriminated in the Korean Industry

Filipino K-Pop Trainee Exposed How He was Discriminated in the Korean Industry

Generally, Filipinos are discriminated mostly in the English-speaking countries due to our skin color, height and accent. However, what we’re not aware of is that even Asian countries tend to do the same.

Alvin Uy (also known as Lucky) is a Kpop trainee which had been training under FNC Academy for a long time. Unfortunately for him, the industry was not interested in launching a debut for a Filipino artist at the time being. However when he was about to take a break, he was accepted in the Wave Music Entertainment.

Recently, Alvin Uy posted a shocking revelation on his Facebook account that he would not be returning to Korea for the mean time because of his situation, health condition and because of the unpleasant experience that he got from a certain management in the foreign country.

The young man said, “Entertainments in Korea has issues with Filipino Citizens, and I’m honestly sad, depressed, pressured, sick and traumatized on how trainee life work especially when you’re different, the discrimination of being a Filipino in the Kpop Industry was really strong.”

According to him, he went through that experience for a couple of times, and he also felt how different he was treated among others just because he was not like them.

In his post, he also included three screenshots of the conversation in which he was mentioned.

He gave them their best performance at all times, but he was never given the chance to show them what more can do. Uy also revealed how depressed he was because of what happened. Furthermore, he also added that he wants everyone to be aware of how hard it is to be in the K-Pop industry.

He said that the worst line he heard from them was that, “You Philippines (Filipino) has no chance to be in the K-Pop industry.”

In addition, he also announced that he will be leaving Wave Music Entertainment for this reason along with this shocking revelation that “the second entertainment he went through had only used him for the reason that they knew they could benefit from the Filipinos.” However, he still encouraged his fellow Filipino artists to try their best and do not lose hope as someday they will find the perfect management to work for.

Nevertheless, Alvin Uy’s supporters gave him uplifting messages to cheer him up. They said that there is probably a reason why Uy had that terrible experience and that he should not give up his dreams.

Uy said that he would still go back to Korea and prove his worth in the country. But for the mean time, he will use his experiences to go for Star Magic and Viva so he’ll have more to his credentials once he returned.

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