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Inspiring Filipina: A Kindhearted UE Student Teaches Street Kids Voluntarily

Teaching is one of the most challenging professions in the world. Some might think that being a lecturer is relatively easy, but it in reality, it isn’t. To be an

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6 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Can’t Find Happiness

Are smart people really miserable? It has long been perceived that average people tend to be happier compared to highly intelligent individuals. Even if they have a great job, a

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A Stranger Claiming to be Living Abroad Mocks This Woman After She Refused to Like Her Picture

Social media had truly taken over the lives of many people around the globe. Some uses this networking platform to show the public their uniqueness, but there are also some

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The Bigger Your Dogs, The Better! Here’s Some Proof

They might be big (and scary sometimes), but they are still babies! They might look tough, but they are as just precious as your small pets. Bigger? Better! Here’s some

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“Under Your Eyes In The Nothern Lights”, This Guy’s Proposal Is Majestic!

After his failed first proposal attempt, the 34-year-old Dale Sharpe planned out what seemed to be the most majestic marriage proposal ever. It took him 7 years before bending one

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City noise pollution linked to loss of hearing

You’ve heard it right- there’s a link between urban noise pollution and hearing loss. Researchers at Mimi and Charite University Hospital in Berlin looked into combined databases from the World

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Teen girls who love fast food more likely to get breast cancer

Teens are known to be plump junk food-consumers favouring burgers, french fries, and sugary drinks over diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Apparently, this unhealthy eating habit has serious health

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Kid Vendor makes a heartwarming sacrifice for his Grandmother

Normally, children are known to be care-free and just playing around to their heart’s content without a sense of responsibility given their young age. However, there are also instances where

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Common birth defect in boys linked to use of hairspray

Hairspray has long been the solution to a bad hair day. However, a new evidence suggests that pregnant women should stay away from this hair styling product as it had

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LOOK: 1-year-old Boy Fearlessly Wrestle Snakes Bigger than Him!

Snakes are one of the reptiles which most people are truly frightened of. Who wouldn’t be? In just a bite of one of these poisonous snakes, a human can die