Netizens shares opinion on alleged biased reporting from the media

Netizens shares opinion on alleged biased reporting from the media

In a post dated September 7, netizen Paolo Dela Cuesta shared his opinion on the so-called “biased media.” Several supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte have time and again accused the press of being biased towards the president, claiming that media people are always putting Duterte in a negative light.

As posted by Paolo Dela Cuesta on Facebook.

As posted by Paolo Dela Cuesta on Facebook.

But to Dela Cuesta, the Philippine press is not so much “biased against a particluar [sic] president. If anything, it might be more accurate to describe them as biased against presidents, period. Ask Gloria. Ask Erap. Or maybe they just tell it like it is?”

He further argued that if the press is indeed “yellow,” then why is that the same media networks “tore apart our perception of Noynoy. It is this same media that portrayed/exposed Mar as an incompetent moron.”

Dela Cuesta opines that perhaps the bias lies in the audience and not the press. “Mainstream media isn’t biased because they say things you don’t want to hear. You are.”

To date, the post has been shared more than 3,000 times, even by celebrity tour guide Carlos Celdran. This comes as a surprise as Celdran, along with celebrity blogger Mocha Uson, were implied in the post as sharing news based on their personal biases.

Still, Celdran shared the post with the caption: “I am Filipino and I agree with this statement completely.”

On Celdran’s post, netizen Eric Espina elaborated, “Parang basketball lang yan. Kung hinde pabor ang call ng referee sa team mo sasabihin agad bias o nabayaran ang mga referees. (It’s just like in basketball. When the referee’s calls don’t favor your team’s, they will say the refs are biased or were paid.)”

But Facebook user Adonis Ozoa instead gave an example of how biased media can be. “You want an example?” He asked. “Few months ago Delima was featured in Tv Patrol attacking the president in his anti drugs movement it gave Delima I think more than 3 mins airtime making her statement clear and striking while in the other hand at the end of her statement Cayetano was also interviewed but only lasted less than 12 secs he is still talking but his statement was cut short making his statement incomplete. Parang taong nagpapaliwanag pa bigla mong binara. (Just like someone who is still explaining something, but you suddenly butt in to shut him up.)”

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