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Short attention span? Try learning a new language

A recent study by UK-based researchers shows that learning a second language can prove to have positive effects on the brain. Scientists have observed that bilingual people are better at

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Eating white rice may be worse than drinking soda

While experts believe type 2 diabetes is brought on by obesity as well as the consumption of sugary foods and drinks, a new study suggests that white rice, a food

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Girls nagged by moms grow up to be more successful

While most of us despise the fact that many moms can be pushy when it comes to disciplining their kids, particularly girls, their offspring may thank them later as nagging,

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Want to have kids? Then you don’t put your cellphone in your pocket

Pockets are very useful for keeping a lot of small, valuable things, like keys, wallets, handkerchiefs, and even  smartphones. But a new study carried out by a team of researchers

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Six-year-old boy suffers burns from exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7

As South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung receives more reports of explosions involving its flagship model Samsung Galaxy Note 7 amid a global recall, another boy fell victim to the devices’

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Netizens shares opinion on alleged biased reporting from the media

In a post dated September 7, netizen Paolo Dela Cuesta shared his opinion on the so-called “biased media.” Several supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte have time and again accused the

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Science says students learn more from attractive teachers

Do good looks mean good grades? A teacher’s physical appearance may play a big role in student learning, according to a study carried out by researchers at the University of Nevada.

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Science says obese people are more generous than lean people

People carrying extra pounds are actually nicer than thin people. In a study conducted by German researchers, 20 obese men (weighing in at an average of 120 kg,) and 20

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Here’s why billionaire entrepreneurs start their day at 4 a.m.

While many of us wake up at 6 a.m., a number of successful people believe rising early while everyone else is in deep sleep keeps them productive. In fact, several

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Mexican teen tragically dies after suffering from stroke caused by love bite

Who would have thought that a seemingly harmless love bite could end the life of young and healthy man from Mexico? Julio Macias Gonzalez, a 17-year-old lad from Mexico City,

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