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Tacloban LGU allegedly misspent almost a billion pesos in Yolanda Funds

The Commission on Audit (COA) has reported that almost one billion pesos in Yolanda Funds were misspent by the local government unit (LGU) of Tacloban City. Almost three years after

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PLDT and Smart willing to offer 911 and 8888 calls for free

Netizens from the Philippines bashed telecom giant Globe after it announced that emergency calls using hotlines 911 and 8888 will be charged the regular rate plus Php5 per call. While the move

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14 Pinoy celebrities who changed religions

Several Filipino celebrities switch religions and adopt a new set of beliefs for various reasons. While some made the life-changing decision because of the influence of their family members, partners, spouses

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UP Professor warns about mob mentality on social media

A professor at the Department of Communication Research of the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman warned netizens about mob mentality and online shaming. In a report by ABS-CBN News,

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Can science reverse the effects of menopause?

For some women, menopause sets in early. They begin to be infertile even before they reach their 50’s. According to doctors, the optimum time for a woman to have babies

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5 Awesome things that happen to your body when you quit drinking soda

Similar to cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs, drinking soda can certainly be an addiction. While it feels good gulping down your favorite sugary drink, you are unknowingly wreaking havoc on your

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10 Bad habits that make you age fast

Who doesn’t want to look and feel young? While many people invest tons of money in anti-ageing products and surgeries to take away years from their face, many are not

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Britain’s biggest brain bank houses 1,650 brain specimens

Would you consider donating your brain to science? In the United Kingdom, a lot of people are willing to donate their brains for future research. In fact, the brain bank

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Is “Encantadia” hurting the GMA Telebabad block?

In order to remake GMA Network’s classic fantaserye Encantadia, some other locally-produced telenovelas were sacrificed in the process. Encantadia‘s inclusion into the GMA Telebabad block caused two series to bid farewell. Before

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Science explains how a dog’s lick can be deadly

Maybe it’s not such a good idea to let your dog lick you. When a 70-year-old woman went through a prolonged hospitalization and almost suffered fatal sepsis, her doctors attributed