LOOK: This how an international moon village would look like

LOOK: This how an international moon village would look like

In 2015, the European and Russian space agencies announced their plans to build a permanent village on the Moon.

The venture dubbed Luna 27 will be located in the unexplored South Pole of the moon to assess if there is water or raw materials to create oxygen and fuel. The researchers decided to look into the previously unexplored side of the moon since they believe that it may contain ice. The venture’s first mission is set to be launched in five years’ time.

“The South Pole of the Moon is unlike anywhere we have been before. The environment is completely different, and due to the extreme cold there you could find large amounts of water-ice and other chemistry which is on the surface, and which we could access and use as rocket fuel or in life-support systems to support future human missions we think will go to these locations,” said Dr. James Carpenter, lead scientist of the project.

The venture’s plan includes delivering inflatable habitats in order to protect astronauts as they construct the base. A robot will be used to 3D print buildings using raw materials found on the Moon’s surface.

European Space Agency director Johann Dietrich Werner believes that the international moon village will be ready in 20 years.

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