What this actress said about ABS-CBN will shock you

What this actress said about ABS-CBN will shock you

Following the controversy involving the deaths of famous movie directors and alleged poor working conditions in the entertainment industry, actress Antoinette Taus has made a stunning revelation about ABS-CBN.

In a lengthy Facebook post on April 4, Taus talked about the challenges of working for the Philippine entertainment industry. This includes working more than 24 hours , rehearsing for a dance number for only 15 minutes before going live on TV, and singing lyrics to an unfamiliar song using nothing but an idiot board as your guide.

But through the years, Taus noted that there had been numerous improvements to the system. Unlike before, the entire cast as well as the production team are now provided air-conditioned tents. Back then, Taus disclosed that only artists with their personal vans experienced such luxuries.

Taus wrote: “I remember the days seeing co-actors resting outdoors in the heat or in stuffy rooms packed with people. It’s just not a good working space. It’s puzzling how it seems that when it comes to showbiz, there are just so many exceptions and people tend to allow things that in normal day to day life would be unacceptable. It’s almost sad really. I truly believe in equality and in being fair. It IS a job like anything else. And people should not be treated less or more than any other normal work space or environment.”

But it was her working experience with Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) last week that totally changed Taus’s view of the system. Instead of being asked to do taping for just two days, Taus was surprised to discover that they will be given three days for the episode. Initially, Taus thought something was wrong with the set up since an additional taping day would cost the network a lot of money.

“Taping days are being added which greatly affects the networks budgeting. This may seem to be such a negative aspect from the network’s point of view. But honestly, this will pay off in the long run for many different reasons,” Taus explained.

According to Taus, such change is a win-win situation since it will result in happier and healthier employees that will translate to better work output.

“But with the extra time, the work has the opportunity to push itself to the limits of its excellence. Artists are given the chance to really create something profound and timeless.”

The 35-year-old actress added, “This is just the beginning, and I can’t wait to see the transformation of the Philippine entertainment industry happen before my eyes. I have always believed that Filipino artists are some of the most gifted in the world. If only we could be given a better platform to showcase our work, we could really make the worldwide entertainment realm shine a whole lot brighter.”

Furthermore, Taus disclosed that she is grateful to ABS-CBN for pioneering the change in the system.

Read her full post below.

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