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Ladies beware, too much sitting increases your risk to get cancer

Too much sitting every day increases risk for women to develop cancer. That is the findings of a long-term research conducted by the American Cancer Society. It says that women

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10 Facts About Maria Ozawa, Asia’s AV Queen

Maria Ozawa is one of the most (if not the most) popular AV (adult video) stars in Asia. Now retired from the AV scene, she has enchanted men not only Japan,

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13 things Akyat-Bahay Gangs don’t want you to know

Akyat-bahay gangs are sneaky. They are opportunists. One careless move from your end, these scumbags will be inside your house in no time and looting all your valuables. We found

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STUDY: Infidelity may run in the family

Wondering if your significant other will cheat on you down the road? Look to his or her family history to find the answer. A recent study conducted by Texas Tech

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10 Odd-looking creatures that call the Philippines home

The Philippines is known to have bountiful natural resources. New species are still being discovered on land and in its waters. Just recently, the California Academy of Sciences revealed new marine species that

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This is how the Iglesia ni Cristo rally affects the quiet and humble worker

Netizen Jindra Lantacon posted a screenshot of a Facebook status of one of very many commuters and employees who were greatly affected by the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) members rallying on EDSA. Commuter Lorena Rebujio shared

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Pissed off viral Facebook status calls out to counter INC’s bloc-voting

EDSA is a hellhole. It has the worst traffic jam that you can get in the Philippines. Sadly, the situation is getting worse and worse every year. And the problem

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Tibetan woman creates perfume made from roses grown at 4,000 meters high

Pubu Drolma, a Tibetan local, has been able to create fragrances from wild roses grown at high altitudes. The fragrances have already earned 20 million yuan for Drolma and her husband, who started to

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INC Media on Instagram: ‘This is War and There is No Neutral Ground’

The Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) group posted on their official Instagram account a cryptic message about war and enemies. On August 28, 2015, INC Media posted a photo on Instagram

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WATCH: How this beggar made a store owner cry will touch your heart

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” We tend to judge the person by appearances because it’s the first thing that can give us clues about a person. Because of