Guy intentionally delays a delivery to get a P200 discount from Jollibee

Guy intentionally delays a delivery to get a P200 discount from Jollibee

Food deliveries nowadays usually guarantee customers can get their orders within a certain number of minutes.

Failure to meet the deadline usually results in the food establishment either giving the customer some gift certificates to compensate or he/she can get his meal for free. But what happens when a customer deliberately tries to delay a rider’s delivery in order to a freebie?

Screen caps of a post by Facebook user Jay Bee are now circulating on social media. In the post he brags about how he was able to get a full meal from Jollibee for only P66 pesos because he intentionally held up the rider in his condo’s lobby.


On Jollibee’s website, as one of their delivery policies, “Customer will be given P200 Jollibee Gift Certificate if the 30 minutes guarantee is not met.”

The Ateneo de Manila University “Doc” received several comments to which his answers were nonchalant and uncaring. A commenter pitied the rider saying as far as she knew, the rider would be penalized for his so-called lateness and that the P200 gift certificate would be deducted from his salary. According to Jay Bee himself, the rider was actually in the condo on time.

But Jay Bee bragged about how he delayed the rider by not answering a phone call from the receptionist, thus making the rider at least a minute late.


Jay Bee simply laughed the comments off by saying “policy is policy.” While this may be true, it should be taken into consideration how the customer deliberately manipulated the process to get his gift certificate.

UPDATE: (July 4)

Hours after the screenshots of Jay Bee’s not-so-funny Jollibee trip, Jay Bee deactivated his account. Jay Bee reactivated his account a day after and issued a statement to his bashers.

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