Doctor slams Nancy Binay for saying a family of doctors is same as family of politicians

Doctor slams Nancy Binay for saying a family of doctors is same as family of politicians

Netizen and doctor Toto Carandang reacted to Senator Nancy Binay’s statement when she rejected Senate Bill 2649 or the Anti-Political Dynasty Bill filed by Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago in 2011.

Sen. Binay compared a family of doctors to a family of politicians saying both were the same in terms of “dynasties.” Dr. Carandang, in rebuttal, posted an open letter to Binay saying doctors earn their degrees rather than depending on “popularity or [being elected] by democratic voting.” (see post here)

The University of the Philippines Philippine General Hospital doctor further said, “It’s sad you had to use that analogy to justify your rejection of the Anti-Dynasty Bill. People probably know the real reason behind it. And I think it’s not really because of a noble family practice or occupation.”

Carandang advised Binay that politicians like herself perhaps should “amass a significant amount of knowledge, lose hundreds or thousands of hours of sleep, spend a number of years studying and mastering your craft, and then take numerous exams before you can enter politics.”

Under SB 2649, only one family member will be allowed to hold public office whether on the local or national level. Binay’s reaction is expected as she and three other family members are incumbent officials: Nancy as senator; her brother Junjun as Makati mayor; her sister Abigail as Makati’s Second District representative, and her father Jejomar as the country’s vice-president.

Sen. Binay further explained that their being elected was not in their control anyway. She said if people didn’t like them, none of them would have been elected in the first place.

Screen cap from Toto Carandang's Facebook page.

Screen cap from Toto Carandang’s Facebook page.

Banner photos from Inquirer and Ellen Tordesillas. 

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