Two blind sisters see light for the first time: Their reactions are tearjerking

Two blind sisters see light for the first time: Their reactions are tearjerking

Imagine yourself being sightless since birth and behold the world’s color for the very first time? How would you feel or respond upon looking at your own image in the mirror, and that of other people before you?

The poignant story of two sisters Sonia (12 years old) and Anita (6) of India,  was simply INDESCRIBABLE.  It was once a headliner, so moving that it could trigger tears even to those with  heart of  stone.


For a mother, there could be nothing as heartbreaking to see her offspring growing up in such pitiful state.

Hand to mouth existence

Raised by parents who belong to India’s so-called poorest of the poor in the less-traveled rural side, initial medical treatment alone would cost the kids a whopping $300. But with meager earning an hour from planting rice, where in God’s hand where the unfortunate could get such amount.  So they thought, their dream will just a remain a dream – next to impossible at that.


Against all odds, the family remain submissive to God’s will…

First Sight

The sister’s mother has been the lamp of their darkened lives as they trek crossroad of hope and despair…


But they never ceases to hope, to believe and  to dream for a better day to come…

Charity, In Rescue

Nonetheless, there will always be a Good Samaritans in this Planet who are willing to walk an extra mile for Sonia and Anita’s like. A non-profit group 20/20/20 came in the picture, reached-out and volunteered to fund for their – operation. The blind sisters parents were flabbergasted with the good news!, and so are their audience…

The Turning Point
Sonia and Anita were summoned to the City and undergone eye surgery. The procedures was quick. Less than an hour reportedly. Their defective lenses which causes blindness were detached and replaced with artificial ones. Bandages were ripped. Miracle has arrived. The best part their lives happened.



the darkness was wiped-off their faces…

Great wonder to ponder


Bathed in the glow of light, Sonia was gasping and speechless.


Anita on the other  hand, was expressive, “Mother, I can see!” her first phrases uttered..

A life-altering experience

As of this writing, Sonia and Anita who both thought they will be blind until their old age can’t contain their joy, and instill inspiration to many. They are seen enjoying normal lives with new-found friends.  Doing good in school and kept on dreaming for their family.  Indeed, God’s  love, healing & mercy has manifested on them through good-natured people who cares.


The girls’ fellow villager were equally jubilant upon their joyous return …

 A clip worthy to share


“What a wonderful world!”   –  Sonia & Anita in happier times.

Credits:/References:  BlueChalk.  20/20/20 Wonderwork Charity Inc. Still photography by Brent Stirton, Videography by Robert Wilson, Editing by Greg Snider and original music by Tyler Strickland.

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