Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s Screen Allegedly Cracks Under Applied Pressure

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s Screen Allegedly Cracks Under Applied Pressure

A stress test conducted by mobile protection company SquareTrade showed that Samsung’s flagship phone bends while its screen cracks when subjected to a stress test.

In the video that compared Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 Plus, both smartphones proved to withstand 110 pounds of force before bending.

Here’s the bad news: the screen of S6 Edge shatters under the same amount of pressure.

On the brighter side, the latest smartphone from Samsung still perfectly worked even with a broken screen.

The video also showed that S6 Edge got completely wrecked at 149 pounds, while iPhone 6 plus ultimately endured 179 pounds.

Samsung Counters SquareTrade’s Claim

Meanwhile, Samsung released a statement on Monday after the video of SquareTrade’s test emerged.

According to the South Korean company, the amount of force used to bend and crack the screen of  S6 Edge is far beyond the “normal force” produced when a person sits. Samsung claimed that a person generates 66 pounds of force when sitting. Thus, smartphones are rarely exposed to the amount of force used in the stress test.

“We are confident that all our smartphones are not bendable under daily usage.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Cult of Android

PHOTO CREDIT: Cult of Android

Furthermore, the company stressed that SquareTrade didn’t test the strength of the smartphone’s back. Samsung challenged SquareTrade to repeat the test but subject both the front and back of the smartphone to applied force.

During the World Mobile Congress held in March where Samsung unveiled the S6 Edge, the tech company claimed that the metal used in its flagship phone is 50% stronger than materials used in other smartphones.

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