Globe and PLDT Both Claim to Be No. 1 in Mobile Business…So, Who’s the Real Winner?

Globe and PLDT Both Claim to Be No. 1 in Mobile Business…So, Who’s the Real Winner?

Mobile companies Globe and PLDT both claim the number one spot as mobile service provider in the Philippines for 2014. But who’s the real winner? Well, apparently, the answer depends on who you ask.

Team Globe: “Globe is No. 1”

Ayala-led Globe Telecom Inc. announced after its annual stockholders’ meeting that the company was the number one mobile brand in the country last year, 2014. According to Globe president Ernest Cu, the company was able to “established leadership in the Philippine mobile industry on multiple business fronts”; thus, Globe emerged as the top mobile business for the year.

When it comes to consolidated revenue market share, PLDT (via Sun Cellular) was on the same level as Globe (via budget brand TM).

The company admits it has not surpassed its rival’s number of subscribers [2.3 million for Globe versus 2.8 million for PLDT (via Smart) in 2014] but said Globe was able to excel in terms of consolidated mobile revenue market share.

Team PLDT: “Smart is No. 1”

If you ask PLDT, however, you would get a different answer. PLDT spokesperson Ramon Isberto claims that PLDT (through Smart Communications Inc.) remains as the top mobile service provider in the country – on both the number of subscribers and revenues.

In fact, their subscriber base increased by 16%, placing its total number of users at 2.8 million last 2014.

According to executive vice president and Wireless Consumer Division head of Smart and Sun, “Last year’s revenues reflect the lineup of new smartphone offerings, postpaid plans and content.”

With PLDT’s Smart Communications Inc. and Sun Cellular holding 55% of total mobile users, the company can safely claim it is No. 1.

So, with both companies asserting they are No. 1 and not backing down on their claim, it probably is up to subscribers to say who the No. 1 mobile service provider in the country is. Do you think it is Globe (plus TM) or is it PLDT (Smart Communications Inc. and Sun Cellular)?

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