Feces Contains Gold…And it Could be Worth Millions!

Feces Contains Gold…And it Could be Worth Millions!

What a gross topic to even think about yet did you know that feces contains gold and other precious metals? Whoa! Who is ready to do some poop-digging for that amount of gold? Certainly not me but this could be the new source of precious metals!

Experts say that as much as $13 million worth of gold and precious metals can be found in the poop of a total of one million Americans – that is based on a scientific study, by the way.

Somehow, US Geological Survey researcher Kathleen Smith and her team were able to find gold, silver, and even platinum in treated waste. Thankfully, that was already treated waste, not fresh poop, yet the thought of going through all that mess is kind of disgusting!

Earning Money, Helping the Planet

Now, if they could only find a way to let people process their own poop to get the gold and all those precious metals, then all of us could be rich in the future because everyone poops, of course!

According to Smith, not only will that earn you a tidy sum of money, it will also help save the environment because we are recycling precious metals, not just extracting from the rich deposits from the ground. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Perhaps there would come a time when people would be selling their poop? Hmmmm.

By the way, there’s another way to earn money by selling poop: Earn $13,000 A Year and Help Save Lives by Donating your Poop.

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