Painful But Guaranteed: New Cure For Baldness Suggests Plucking What’s Left Of Your Hair. Would You Try It?

Painful But Guaranteed: New Cure For Baldness Suggests Plucking What’s Left Of Your Hair. Would You Try It?

Do you feel frustrated and insecure with how your crown has been slowly letting you down, flushing your confidence down the drain?

Your once very thick hair is now thinning out, making you look 10x older than your age.

Good news!

Scientists have found a way for you to regrow your hair.



Well, the process may seem a bit unpleasant and painful, as it will force you to pull your remaining hairs out, but the result is unbelievable.

US researchers held a series of experiments that explained that individuals who pluck 200 strands grow back at least 6x as many.

They began working with mice marking out fur patches of different sizes and pulled out 200 hairs from each. After one month, they checked the results and noticed that when the plucked part was small and the hairs were pulled out collectively, at least twice as many hairs grew back, as reported by the journal Cell.

Based on studies by the researchers of University of Southern California, although the method may seem odd, it leads to “potential new treatments for hair loss.”



Daily Mail reports that there were other experiments that hint that removing hair sets off a chemical distress signal that activates the surrounding skin cells to start growing hair.

While this may excite you, keep in mind that you should pluck your hair ONE by ONE because you need to have just the right strength to send the right chemical signal.
Example: No hairs will grow back if you pluck from a bigger hair spot because the signal is weak. And if you pluck on a very small area, you will be guaranteed that your hair will be replaced, but no extra will grow.

So, what do you think? Would you try this and sacrifice your last 11 strands?

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