OFW Raped by Employer’s Drug Addict Son Begs for Help on Facebook [UPDATED]

OFW Raped by Employer’s Drug Addict Son Begs for Help on Facebook [UPDATED]

An OFW who goes by the name of Abby Luna, living in Bahrain, turned to Facebook for help so she could escape her employers and go back home to the Philippines.

According to her video post on Facebook, a crying Abby detailed how her employer’s son raped her. The young man even kicked her and ripped out her panties in a sadist act that led to bruises on her thighs and pain in her private parts.

The rapist then threatened to bury her in the desert should she tell someone about the act.

Too afraid of the rapist but needing help, she first told her employer about the act but was surprised when the employer sided with the son, saying it was her who enticed the young man and went to him first.

The employer then told her she would have to wait for a week to take a pregnancy test. If she is pregnant, the employer will help abort the child before sending her back home. The problem in this scenario does not only lie with the abortion but also the fact that she would have to buy plane tickets from her own pocket – and Abby said she does not have money for the fare home!

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Afraid now of what could possibly happen even in the span that one week her employer offered, she posted a tearful plea on Facebook, in hopes that someone could alert the embassy in Bahrain so they could help her.

She admitted her contract has not ended yet but is afraid she would end up buried in the desert if she can’t escape from the house as soon as possible. Although there is an option for her to go to the police, she is afraid they won’t listen to her because the family she is working for is rich. In the past, she has experience of working in an affluent family who ended up reversing the charges and making it appear like they were the victims, not her.

We tried to reach Abby for more information but she has not replied to our message yet.

Watch Abby’s tearful plea in this video:


According to a report on the Inquirer, Abby is now in the custody of the Philippine Embassy in Bahrain as confirmed by Foreign Affairs Secretary Charles Jose.

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