Ten Ways to Enjoy Summer 2015

Ten Ways to Enjoy Summer 2015

It’s summer!

What else can you do when the sun is almost always shining and the rains are scarce?

Well, have fun, of course!

Here are the top 10 activities you and your family can do to enjoy summer 2015:

1. Travel


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Summer is the best time to travel, especially because the kids have no school to attend. Enjoy the local destinations and have fun at the attractions close to home or go to the places in the country you have never gone to before.

Because many people would go to the top attractions during summertime, perhaps you can choose lesser known attractions or create your own itinerary and have fun discovering new places.

2. Start a new hobby


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With plenty of time in your hands, you can start a new hobby – whether needlework such as cross-stitch or collecting toys or even decorating your garden.

3. Learn something new


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Enroll in swimming lessons or learn to play a new musical instrument.

4. Experience new things

Photo: travelwiggle.com

Photo: travelwiggle.com

With summer comes great new things you can try. When traveling, make sure to try activities you haven’t tried before. This could mean exciting activities like kite surfing, bungee jumping, ziplining, and parasailing. Summer would also be perfect for trekking up the mountains or visiting waterfalls and other lovely water bodies.

5. Eat new dishes

Photo: fashfoodies.com

Photo: fashfoodies.com

Sample new dishes at a new restaurant or learn to cook something new. Summer is about going out of your comfort zone to enjoy something new – yet you can do that in your own kitchen! For example, enjoy a dish of spaghetti with San Marino Tuna Flakes Hot & Spicy or use this tasty tuna in another recipe.

6. Go on a diet

Photo: embracinghealthblog.com

Photo: embracinghealthblog.com

If you have been putting off dieting for a long time, summer just might be the perfect time to do that – of course, this could be in conflict with the “eat new dishes” theme yet you can try new dishes that are healthy and fat free!

7. Redecorate your home

Photo: tradeadvisor.com

Photo: tradeadvisor.com

Summer would also be a great time to redecorate your home – whether you are planning to paint the walls or add a new room. Buy new curtains and linens in bright colors for a summery feel but balance these with whites or pastel colors.

8. Enjoy a new sport

Photo: hanban.org

Photo: hanban.org

This would also be a good time to learn how to play ball or any other sport. How about learning beach volleyball or extreme sports like rock climbing?

9. Exercise

Photo: codyapp.com

Photo: codyapp.com

Aside from sports, exercise could help you shed off extra weight. It might even be a good idea to start a weight loss program by challenging your friends with your own version of “Biggest Loser”.

10. Find ways to have fun at home

Photo: kidspot.com.au

Photo: kidspot.com.au

Now, you don’t always have to travel to have fun. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy at home. Have fun playing ball with the kids or painting the house together or simply spending time talking about stuff.

So, those are my top 10 suggestions to keep you busy this summer season.

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