Woman Catches Husband on Grindr, a Gay Dating App

Woman Catches Husband on Grindr, a Gay Dating App

A woman who accidentally found her husband in gay dating app Grindr was distraught over the discovery, especially after she realized it really was him on the photo and he was looking for hook ups.

She turns to a parenting forum site for help, asking other moms what they would have done if they were in her shoes. The predicament is crazy, considering she never had an inkling her husband was gay and because they had been married for years.


They have two kids, ages 7 and 10. These little ones will be surely affected when the truth comes out, when they realize their dad is gay, and when their parents end up getting a divorce. Thus, we understand how the mother feels.

Did she try to ask her husband about the situation? Well, she actually did because part of her could not believe it was him. He vehemently denies it was him despite the picture clearly showing him in their ensuite bathroom. Also, he would not let him check his phone.

Desperate for answers, she downloaded the app on her phone as well. There, she was even more dismayed by what she found out about her husband’s profile and activities on the app site.

Photo credit: Creative Guerrilla Marketing

Photo credit: Creative Guerrilla Marketing

Her problems do not stop there because even if she wanted to divorce him, she does not have enough funds to hire a lawyer. Plus, she does not want to embarrass her kids and make a lot of trouble for her husband.

The dilemma is huge but what else could she do. If you were in her shoes, would you leave your husband or would you confront him and make him stop his activities on Grindr? What else would you do?

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