WATCH: Mich’s camp reacts on viral  video

WATCH: Mich’s camp reacts on viral video

Is it real? Is it real? Which is which?

Mich Liggayu of Youtube sensation ‘Jamich’ has been put into boiling seat after a video of her surfaced online, which was referred as “Mich Bitch video”.

The video is showing Mich having a fun time gig singing “She Will Be Loved” together with Mj Labenia and E2TM while Jam is on life support.

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Another video came into defense around pretensions showing Mj Labenia and E2TM visited Jam in the hospital after gracing an event, where they coiled around a tarpaulin requesting the audience to write a message for Jam. Right after the show, they personally went to the hospital to visit him quoting that,

“It turned into a Jam for Jam session and his family and friends and fiance, Paolinne Michelle Liggayu, joined in. 🙂 There is so much love there in his room. We never felt more honored to be able to use our talents then this moment.”

In the first video that made a lot of fans feel horrified and cringed about, one stood out and revealed a new angle of the story backed up with another video. A claimer named David Rodney refuted the accusation and argued that the video was a “cut version”.

In Trending News Portal’s facebook post, he cleared that the song was indeed offered to Jam. Just like Mich and the band who wanted to lighten up the discomfort, it was like a funny Jam session dedicated to Jam.

Here’s what David Rodney said in the said post.



The latter video shows Jam making handy gestures as a response to the music and Jam’s friends and family are singing their hearts out to the good tune.

Right before the end of the video, Jam’s mother Maricar Sebastian requesting Mich to lower down the noise.

After counter-attacking the allegations, one netizen believed that she finds it “rude” for Mich not to obey Jam’s mother to stop singing. She says, ” This doesnt change that she disrespected Jam’s mom when the moment she tried to tell them to stop singing.”

Was the “cut version”video uploaded trying to smash out Mich? Was the supporting video strong or sick? Which one is real? Which one is fake? Blow your comments below!

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