Victims vs Firemen: Malabon Residents Attack Rescuers and Break Their Trucks

Victims vs Firemen: Malabon Residents Attack Rescuers and Break Their Trucks

The fire yet undetermined origin razed a residential area at C. Perez Street in Barangay Tonsuya in Malabon City Tuesday night. The fire reached task force Delta or fourth alarm. Malabon Fire Station said that the fire started around 8:20PM until 1:15AM and finally cleared out by 3:30AM, Wednesday.

Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) said that there were 2 victims from residents who got 2nd degree burn and still investigating the cause of fire and how much cost the damaged. A fatality was identified as Virgina Ytac, 62. The other victim was identified only as Lolo Erespe, 80.

However, firemen who rescued them became the victims of residents wrath. Some residents wanted to save their houses by getting the hose of the firemen. Some were stabbed and injured. Four firemen were injured fighting the fire, among them Eden Santos, who took a blow to the head from a fire hose. Another injured fireman was Michael Tubalinal, who was smacked across the forehead when residents attacked him.

According to Bryan Dalanon or Ranger Alpha’s Facebook post,  he told that “yung ilang locals dun inaagaw yung hose sa amin kasi gusto nilang unahin yung bahay nila. Di namin binigay ang hose. Nung hindi binigay dun na nag simula na may manaksak.” 

He also added that “pag katapos pinag babasag mga salamin ng mga truck na nasa harapan namin. Much worse is inipit sa loob yung White Malabon Alpha Engine ng LPGMA. Pinagbantaan din na susunugin at sisirain yung truck, kaya kaming mga bumbero na malapit pumalibot sa truck para di nila malapitan at dahan dahan inatras pero inipit pa din kami, nailabas lang namin nung may mga mabait na residente na nakiusap sa mga kasama nila na pakawalan kami. Sa apat na sinaksak, 2 na discharge na, isa namatay at isa under observation pa. Yung pinalo sa ulo ng bote coma siya up to now.”

According to the source, there are some policemen but they haven’t done any rescuing while having fire.

“Konti lang po ang pulis sa area at outnumbered sila karamihan nasa bukana lang ayaw pumasok sa loob kung san nag kakagulo.”


Photo screencap from Bryan Dalanon aka Ranger Alpha: A sentiment from a fireman who came there to rescue the residents.


Photo taken from Oscar Gomez’s cellphone

While writing this article, further investigation is still ongoing and some of the firemen are asking any considerations since they are the ones rescuing the residents when in need. According to TV5, estimated 300 families lost their homes and now staying at public schools.

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