There’s a Cute Pocket Robot that Could Replace Smartphones Soon!

There’s a Cute Pocket Robot that Could Replace Smartphones Soon!

The era of robots is here.

Did you know that there’s this cute little robot in Japan named Robi who can talk, walk, dance, and do a lot of fun things just by following voice commands? It is just like in the movies but the robot is smaller.

Now, Robi’s creator, robot maker Tomotaka Takahashi, has created a smaller, better version robot which could become your pocket companion and a replacement to your smartphone! Yep. The CEO of robot design company Robo Garage thinks this smaller Robi-like robot will become the next big thing in the communications industry.

Photo credit: Arko Asia

Photo credit: Arko Asia

Robi had been marketed as a toy, a companion. It has been quite popular in Japan ever since it was first released in 2012. Robo Garage released Robi Jr. and another smaller Robi version aside from various Robi-inspired merchandise.

However, the new pocket robot will be so much better because aside from having Robi’s innate capabilities, it would also be connected to the internet and has better features. Plus, its small size makes it easier to bring it around.

This new robot does not have a name yet.

Because the pocket robot is connected to the internet, its capabilities are greatly increased compared with Robi. Now, its artificial intelligence is deemed so great that it can soon adapt to your personality, become your true companion, and be your intelligent assistant. Plus, it can remember your experiences and converse with you.

Photo credit: Line Stickers

Photo credit: Line Stickers

It is kind of creepy, though, but Takahashi believes humans are ready for this. We’ve been gearing up for this kind of robotic interaction for years – we just didn’t know it.

In a world where people love to share photos and videos of various experiences on social media, this pocket robot will not just be the perfect tool for achieving that but also takes it a step further by becoming your listening ear. How cool is that?

When’s this robot going to be released? Takahashi has not revealed that yet nor showed the robot’s prototype but I certainly would want one!

Watch Robi in action here: Meet Robi, the world’s cutest robot

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