Boy Claims He “Used To Be Somebody Else”; Says He Was A Hollywood Actor and Has Been Reincarnated

Boy Claims He “Used To Be Somebody Else”; Says He Was A Hollywood Actor and Has Been Reincarnated

Oklahoma – Five-year-old Ryan Hammons experienced clear and haunting nightmares when he was just four. It took over a year later before he confesses to his mom about his secret – that he used to be a Hollywood actor and was reincarnated. “Mom, I have something I need to tell you – I used to be somebody else,” the little tot said.

Puzzled, mom Cyndi just listened to him, thinking it was only his imagination. However, the information of his son’s account from his past life was very detailed – from his travels around the world, working with co-stars Rita Hayworth and even dancing on Broadway.  According to Cyndi the stories were so detailed and broad that “it wasn’t like a child could have made it up.”

Cyndi and Ryan

Cyndi and Ryan

Being raised in a Christian community where they do not believe in reincarnation, her son’s hard-to-believe claims made her decide to research and investigate.

Finally, they found a photo of his son’s ‘past persona’ in a Hollywood memorial book inside a local library. The picture is a shot from a film Night After Night which was aired in 1932.

Cyndi shared, “We found the picture, and it changed everything.”

Hollywood actor Marty Martyn

Hollywood actor Marty Martyn

“She turns to the page in the book, and I say ‘that’s me, that’s who I was,'” Ryan explained pointing to an actor who plays an extra with no lines in the movie.

Trying to look for answers, Cyndi sought the help of Dr. Jim Tucker, a professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia.

The Dr said the boy’s case demand an explanation adding that, “We can’t just write them off or explain them away as just some sort of normal cultural thing.”

The actor was later on identified as Marty Martyn, according to a movie archivist. He was a former movie extra who later became a Hollywood agent and then passed away in 1964.

Dr. Tucker also said that if you look at a photograph of a man without any lines in a movie, and then tell about his life, he did not think  a lot of people would have come up with Marty Martyn’s life.

“Yet Ryan provided many details that really did fit with his life,” he added.

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