From Poop Water To Beer. Professional Taster Says It’s Delicious!

From Poop Water To Beer. Professional Taster Says It’s Delicious!

For those who have heard of ‘poop water’ which was invented by Janicki Bioenergy earlier this year, you’d be more surprised as after just months, another innovator thought of something more appealing to drink but still made of poop material.

A wastewater engineer from Milwaukee named Theera Ratarasarn realized that the percentage of people who would want to consume poop water is somewhat low so he thought of an idea that will make people want to drink it. What he did was brewed the water and turned it into BEER.

“I wanted to get people talking. There’s a potential use for what we discharge into lakes and streams,” he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Because of Ratarasarn’s meticulous process, from multiple chlorinating, filtering, and distilling before brewing, the Activated Sludge Wheat Ale, came out to be very tasty.

It was even rated 7 out of 10 for flavor as graded by Mitchel De Santis, a professional taster from craft-beer haven Lakefront Brewery adding that, “It’s one of the better home brews I’ve ever had.”

Today, Ratarasarn brews only for his own consumption but he said if someone is interested, he’ll probably increase the production. He also claimed everybody he talks to wants one.

What do you think about this poop beer? Would you want to dare to drink a beverage made from your own or someone’s dump?

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