These 10 Lazy People Came Up With Brilliant Ideas To Make Life Easier

These 10 Lazy People Came Up With Brilliant Ideas To Make Life Easier

Hindi bale na’ng tamad, huwag lang pagod. (It’s okay to be lazy than get tired)

If this is your life motto then you will definitely relate with this article.

Laziness is a battle we, at some point in our lives, face. Did you notice that the syndrome comes every time you are crowded with things that need to be done? The exhausting thoughts then make you feel, “I’ll just do it later.”

Jules Renard perfectly described laziness as, “nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.”

While others make it a habit, some have talents in creating new concepts to survive the circumstance. Here are 10 lazy people and their brilliant ideas to make life easier. Call it the art of laziness, but it just works. Crazy. Funny. But VERY SMART.




Practical nail polish.


The art of sunbathing


The easiest way to walk your dog.


Gaming level as taught by the laziest person ever!


Very sick tablet holder.


Talk about the laziest birthday cake.


Watching like a boss.


This brilliant guard.


That’s a very, very simple DIY Christmas tree


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